The Travel Nurse Playbook

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Attract and Book Travel Nurses

Travel Nurses are booking short term rentals every single day.

Let the next one be yours.

Cancellations are upon us.

Travel bans are still in effect.

Airbnb has refunded guests and will continue to do so.

Those summer reservations are barely a thought.

And you’re wondering… Will I have a season?

Wait, will I even have a business?

Let me show you how you can save both.

Hosting success requires a flexible strategy.
Do you have one?

After almost 10 years as a six-figure Airbnb host and over 1,985 guests from over 45 countries, I HAD to change my business from tourists to travel nurses.

The learning curve was deep and fast.

In less than 10 days I went from an empty calendar to fully booked for 60 days!

The Travel Nurse Playbook is for the Airbnb host who wants to move into the Travel Nurse Market NOW without the feeling of, “Am I doing this right? I’m used to hosting tourists for 3 days!”

The Travel Nurse Playbook is perfect for hosts who have found themselves with no bookings and are wondering what to do next.

The Travel Nurse Playbook: Hosting the Heroes, is a step-by-step strategic course that’s here to help prepare you to jump right into the travel nurse market with all the systems, processes and know-how you need.

Because the travel nurse market is not like Airbnb, trust me. I know.


The Travel Nurse Playbook is jam packed with valuable information like:

1 —

Where to find travel nurses

Because nurses aren’t searching on Airbnb. And I’m going to tell you EXACTLY where to find them and how. Oh, and I’ll explain why they aren’t fans of Airbnb (because you want to know).

Even better, you won’t have to do any research, because I’m going to give you every link so that all you have to do is click and “voila!”

And of course

How to Plan Your Marketing

Traveling Nurses are a different market, and you have to market differently. Let me show you how.

2 —

How to Handle Finances

Oh, that’s such a hot topic; and I’ll dive deep right into it. From what to charge, to how to collect your rent and security deposit. Remember, there is no Airbnb collecting money on your behalf.

And the most important and overlooked topic...


They will protect you and the travel nurse. Besides, travel nurses expect one. I’ll share the contract (created by a New York lawyer) that I’m currently using with my own travel nurses.

3 —

Effective Communication

…The questions to ask. You will be communicating directly with travel nurses. There is no instant booking. So your communication has to be on point.

Plus, you’ll get all the communication emails I use with nurses to welcome them into my own home. You’ll not be second guessing yourself.

4 —

The Secrets to Preparing Your Space for Travel Nurses

A travel nurse is there for eight weeks or longer, so it isn’t the same as a tourist being there for five days. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts for preparing to host them.

Also...The essential amenity travel nurses love most, and what to do if you don’t have it. Yes, there are solutions.

Get started now!

I’m a host like you, so I understand your hesitation when it comes to pivoting and marketing to a new audience. New can be scary. But it can also be amazing.

I’ve learned so much about hosting in the Travel Nurse Market, and I’m excited about sharing this information with you. I know you’ll be thrilled with the knowledge you gain, and I know it can dramatically change and improve your hosting business.

If you’re not happy with the The Travel Nurse Playbook I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Ahh, my dear host.

We had plans and then life had other plans.

I started 2020 with a massive renovation project.

Because my 2019 Airbnb income had seen a 30% increase, I was confident 2020 was going to be just as good.

Well, COVID-19 had other plans.

I have been Airbnbing since 2010, and believe me in those ten years as a host I have faced my share of challenging experiences that have caused me to pause and regroup:

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, I had cancellations; and for 30 days I hosted (for FREE) New Yorkers who had lost their homes.

For 2 years there was a construction job happening just two houses down from my own. I had to make my guests aware of the situation before they arrived.

In December 2019, I opened La Casita in Puerto Rico. Just days later we had earthquakes that resulted in loss of water and electricity. Of course, I still had guests who gave me 5-star reviews.

There is nothing like this new circumstance we’re facing. It is unprecedented. Yet I feel prepared. Of course I was concerned when the pandemic hit; but I wasn’t paralyzed by what was happening.

I was able to view the situation and take action.

My action was to pivot into the Travel Nurse Market, to learn everything about it. And now I’m sharing that knowledge with you.

I’ve been Airbnbing since 2010, and since 2014 I’ve been teaching hosts worldwide how to create and maintain a successful hosting experience.

Now I want to share with you some actionable insights on how you can make 2020 your most successful year ever as an Airbnb host.

Whether you’re a veteran host or a newbie to the Airbnb home-sharing world, my Travel Nurse Playbook workshop will prepare you to pivot and reach the travel nurses who are RIGHT NOW making plans to find housing in your community.

Unprecedented? Yes. Impossible. No. Let me show you the possibilities.

Your Host,


What makes the Travel Nurse Playbook different?

I don't just teach this stuff; I actually live it. This is the system I used to get travel nurses booked into my own home. It’s the contract I use, the emails I sent.

I've been in your shoes. Just like you, I found myself with an empty calendar and with thousands of dollars in cancellations. I knew that I needed to make a change FAST or my home would suffer.

I’m just like you and my goal is to help you change direction in your business. Remember, it doesn’t have to be forever. But you can try The Travel Nurse Market for right now and for the slow seasons.

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