How to Use Google Drive

If you have never worked with Google Drive before, it can be a bit different and intimidating. Like the first time you opened the Airbnb website, there is a learning curve.

All you need is a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, here is a link to show you how to create one.

Set up a Gmail Account

You can access Google Drive a few different ways.

From your Computer:

  • Go to
  • At the top left, click New and then  File Upload
  • Choose the file you want to upload

On your Phone or Tablet:

  • Add the Google Drive App
  • Open the App

How to use Google Drive

How to add the House Manual to “Your Drive”:

  • Click the files or folders you want to add to your drive.
  • It will say “View only”
  • Click File > Make a Copy
  • A new screen will pop up “Name” and “Folder”
  • Change the name of the file
  • Choose the “Folder” you want to save the file to
  • The House Manual is in your drive and you can start working on it.

Google will save a copy to YOUR Drive Folder.

That copy will NOT be synced with anyone else. It will just be yours. I won’t be able to view it, access it, or see any work you have done.

Under File, you can also download the file as a Powerpoint format, PDF, JPEG, etc.

How to add files to "My Drive":

  • Go to
  • On the left, click Shared with me
  • Click the files or folders you want to add to your drive
  • On the top right, click “Add to My Drive”
  • Click Organize
  • Choose the folder you want to add to
  • Click Move or Move here
  • Change the name of the file

If by any chance you go to your Google Drive and you can’t find your House Manual, you can search for it by name.